The Company

Success is projectable!

That is what we are convinced off at Anapasoft after 25 years of experience in Software and Information Technology projects. Do we have a silver bullet? No - but we learned that 4 main factors drive success in Software and Information Technology projects:

  • Key project roles are staffed with relevant experience and competence
  • A well selected methodology and technology is used
  • Communication and Collaboration in the project team and with the stakeholders is designed in a suitable way
  • Human, goal-oriented and value creating action is put in the center

With this holistic approach as Anapasoft's guiding principle we completed many challenging and complex software and information technology projects.


Are you looking for a reliable partner for the planning and execution of your mission ciritical software or informatino technology project? This is our speciality. For year we've successfully supported our global clients with their delicate software and information technology projects. Our consultants support you across the complete project lifecycle with classic as well as agile project management methods. They provide conceptual or technical support in Systems Engineering, when designing complex solutions or during business process analysis. We organzie project teams for you or takeover important roles in your development teams.


The Anapasoft founders work together as a team since 1989. We have successfully managed many large, international projects in market leading high-tech companies in the energy, telecommunication and automotive sectors in CH, D, UK and USA. Always taking on the accountability and responsability of a Project or Program Manager, Technical Solution Architect, inspirational or technical leader.


Delivering value for our customers is the main goal of our consulting practice. We guide and support clients with a holistic approach to project management that is derived from our experience with challenging and successful software and information technology projects in the past. A strong focus on communication and human interaction is one aspect and mutual respect, an open mind and trust are indispensable basics.

Anapasoft is leading in utilizing latest software project management methods and technologies but understands that they have to be useful tools but not become the purpose.  Our attention and rigor for quality is instrumental for success and covers the complete project lifecycle.


Our main customers are from the industrial and energy, automotive and telecommunication industry. They range from mid-size enterprises to global concerns. Our customers highly value our contribution to their project success and typically partner with us for many years.


You need urgent expertise and support for a Software or Information Technology project? We share our large network of expert with you. Long standing cooperations with several, larger enterprises and a pool of more than 3'000 well trained Software and Information Technology freelancers. Whatever software project need you have we will be able to find the right support for you. In doing so we also offer to control the supplier quality and timely delivery.


Software and Information Technology projects are as multifaceted as is life itself! One always needs special skills and expertis in order to guarantee project success. Our partners support us to detect technological and organizational opportunities that we can then utilize for our customer. Therefore we rely on a growing network of technology and methodoligy partners. We are convinced that long term partnerships, build upon shared values, mutual respect and professional expertise are an important incredient for generating value for our customers.

You want to learn more about Anapasoft? We are looking forward to talk to you!

Anapasoft AG. Success is projectable!